by ReadSpeaker

Welcome to the tenth post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

 This week, we’ll have a look at the download audio feature in TextAid. Watch our quick video to get a feel for this tool.

The download audio tool can be found under the icon download audio icon.

The download audio tool will create an audio file of whatever audio you would hear when you click ‘listen’ within the TextAid window.

If you have the text editor open in TextAid, the download audio tool will create an audio file of the entire text.

If you have a document open in TextAid (PDF), the download audio tool will produce an audio file of the current page open in the document. Consequently, to create audio of the entire document, you will need to use the download audio tool once per page.

Use the download audio tool to study offline—download the files and then upload the mto your different devices. Additionally, listen to your own written texts as a way to check for fluency.

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