by ReadSpeaker

Welcome to the seventh post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

This week, we’ll have a look at the Image to Text feature in TextAid. Watch our quick video to get a feel for this tool.

First, why would one want to use this tool? Often, PDFs are provided in a format that is inaccessible—i.e. as an image. In this case, TextAid cannot read the text on the page. The image needs to be converted to text, which is where this functionality comes in.

This tool uses OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the electronic conversion of images of text into machine-encoded text. In other words, OCR ‘looks’ at the image, and makes the text in the image readable by the computer. Please note that the OCR used by ReadSpeaker TextAid will not convert handwritten text.

To access this tool, click the image to text icon.

Choose the image file that is stored on your device that you would like to convert to text to upload. Then, select the language of your document from the dropdown menu, and select the folder to which you would like to save the document.

Finally, decide what you want to do with the document—do you want it to be read-only, or do you want to be able toe dit the text? Once you’ve decided, click ‘start,’ and the image-to-text process will begin.

Once the conversion is finished, access your newly-converted document in the folder to which you saved it. Now you can listen to the previously inaccessible text!

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