by ReadSpeaker

Welcome to the first post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

This week, we’ll have a look at the personal library. Watch our quick video to get a feel for the personal library.

All TextAid users have access to the personal library, where you can upload documents from your computer or the Internet, as well as save documents you have written using the text editor in TextAid. These documents are accessible no matter what device you use to log in to your TextAid account, whether your smart phone, tablet, computer… anything, so long as it has an Internet connection.

Reach the personal library by clicking this icon library in the TextAid toolbar. A pop-up will then invite you to open a file, or to upload a new file to your library. You can see the last time the file was changed, as well as the file type (read-only document or text document). Read-only documents, as seen by this icon adobe, will open within the document reader in TextAid. Editable texts, as seen by this icon editable, will open within the WYSIWYG text editor. Read-only documents can also be downloaded as PDF files, by clicking on the icon download.

If you’re finished with a document, go ahead and delete it by clicking the icon of the trashcan trash. By clicking the settings icon settings, you can set the language of the document, which is the language TextAid will read aloud the document in.

As a coordinator or TextAid administrator, you can use the personal library to upload documents that can then be shared with particular users and/or groups of users. Simply click the ‘share’ icon share, then determine which groups and/or users will have access to the document.

Use the personal library to keep track of your documents, and make changes or corrections to your texts whenever the mood strikes. Because you have access to your personal library on all your Internet-connected devices, your documents are at your fingers tips whenever you need them.

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