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Welcome to the second post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

This week, we’ll have a look at the research tools available in TextAid. Watch our quick video to get a feel for these tools.

TextAid offers two different features for researching information: ‘search the web for this’ and ‘look up online.’ Both features are available in the text editor.

When you use the text editor and come across and unfamiliar word or phrase, TextAid makes it easy to discover more information about this word or phrase. Simply select the word or phrase using your cursor, or using the keyboard shortcuts. A menu will then pop up, giving you the option to do one of three things:

Listen Listen

search the web for this Search the web for this

look up online Look up online

By selecting ‘Search the web for this,’ a Google search will automatically be run for the word or phrase. The results of the Google search will open in a new browser window.

By selecting ‘Look up online,’ Wikipedia will automatically be searched for the word or phrase. Be careful, as not all words or phrases have their own Wikipedia articles.

Depending on what the unfamiliar word or phrase is, and what sort of information you are looking for, either Google or Wikipedia may be more suitable. Confused as to the definition of a particular word? A quick click of ‘Search the web for this’ will bring various search results in Google containing the definition. Similarly, for phrases, ‘Search the web for this’ will bring you good results.

Alternatively, if you want more information about a particular subject, ‘Look up online’ is the way to go. Wikipedia provides hundreds of thousands of articles on nearly any topic you can think of, from ‘amicable numbers’ to the ‘Seven Wonders of he Ancient World’. Learn more about your topic of choice.

Using the web reading functionality in TextAid, you can listen to these pages, whether the results of your Google search or a Wikipedia article. Stay tuned for next week’s article, an in-depth look about web reading with TextAid.

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