by ReadSpeaker

Welcome to the eleventh post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

This week, we’ll have a look at the spelling check feature in TextAid. Watch our quick video to get a feel for this tool.

The spell check tool can be found under the icon spellcheck in the Text Editor.

When you click the spell check icon, the text within the text editor window will be checked for spelling errors in the language you have selected (selected language can be seen to the right of the spell check icon).

All misspelled words will be underlined in red.

To correct spelling, click on a word underlined in red. The spell check tool will then provide a list of options. Click the correct option. The spelling of the word will automatically be changed in the text editor.

If you believe the word is not misspelled, and was marked incorrectly, select ‘ignore’ to ignore one instance of the word, or select ‘ignore all’ to ignore all instances of the word.

Happy spelling!

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