by ReadSpeaker

Welcome to the third post in our in-depth series about the different features in TextAid.

This week, we’ll have a look at the web reading functionality available in TextAid. Watch our quick video to get a feel for this tool.

Using TextAid’s web reading feature, you can listen to nearly any website.

To begin, make sure your bookmarks toolbar is visible in your browser.
In Google Chrome, click the icon Chrome in the top right. Navigate to ‘bookmarks’, and make sure ‘Show bookmarks bar’ is checked.

In Safari, click ‘bookmarks’ on the menu bar, then click ‘Show bookmarks.’

In Mozilla Firefox, click the icon Firefox in the top right, then click ‘Show bookmark toolbar’.

In Internet Explorer, go to ‘View’ then make sure that ‘Favorite bar’ is checked.

In Microsoft Edge, click the settings icon Edge in the upper right hand corner. Then make sure that ‘Show the favorites bar’ is set to ‘On’.

After you’ve made the bookmarks bar visible, go to TextAid, and open the ‘Web reading’ tool, identifiable by the icon World. Follow the instructions and drag the link to the TextAid Web Reader to the bookmarks bar of your browser.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the TextAid Web Reader tool.

To use the tool, navigate to a website that you would like to listen to. Once you’re on the page, click the bookmark ‘TextAid Web Reader’ in your bookmarks bar. The ReadSpeaker listen button will then appear on the page.

You can position the Listen button wherever you’d like on the page. To use the functionality, select the text that you would like to listen to with your cursor, then click ‘listen’.

Within the web reader tool, other features are available as well. Change the reading language by clicking World. Additionally, automatically copy and paste the selected text into TextAid by selecting text, then clicking copy to textaid. The text will then be shown in the TextAid text editor.

Using the web reader functionality, it’s possible to listen to almost any online content. Tune in next week to learn how to personalize your settings to make TextAid most comfortable for you.

If you just can’t wait for next week, get started with TextAid today.

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