by ReadSpeaker

“I'm a student, but have 2 babies. It's a great way to listen to books while driving, cleaning and keeping busy at home.”

Hope, Nursing student

“At first I was mostly curious. And I was surprised positively. It's much more than I expected!”

Hannu, Entrepreneur

Common Questions

What is the difference between the “Trial” version and the “Paid” version ?

In the Trial version, you can not download audio files or use the OCR (image to text) feature more than once. Also, there is a limit of 2000 listenings during the Trial period. Everything else is the same in the Trial and the Full versions. It is also the same languages and voices.

Why are not all the voices that I see on the voice demo on the website available in TextAid?

We have a limited number of languages and voices that we offer in TextAid and we offer these same languages and voices to all TextAid users. The reason we can not offer all our different languages and voices in TextAid is, among other things, due to license restrictions.

For larger organizations, we can offer custom packages with other language/voice configurations. If you represent a larger organization and have this wish, please contact us :

What languages are supported in TextAid? Can I have one more language added?

The standard version of TextAid support reading in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Cantonese Chinese
  • Canadian French, French
  • Dutch, Belgian Dutch
  • English (American, Australian, British and Indian)
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish, American Spanish
  • Swedish

For private users we cannot add languages but if you are an educational organization, and you are interested in other languages. Please contact us at :

How large documents can I upload to my library?

The maximum size of a document is 50 MB.

What am I allowed to do with mp3 audio files that I download?

Audio files created using TextAid can be used for personal use only. That means that you can create an audio file and listen to it yourself. You are not allowed to use TextAid to create audio files that you want to share with others (let other people use or listen to).

If you wish to create audio files for any other purposes than listening yourself, you should use our other product called ReadSpeaker speechMaker – read more about it here:

Why does it take some time before the audio starts to play?

Some, especially mobile devices, has to download the audio before it can be played. For longer texts, that could take 5 seconds or even more. If you experience this, it can also be due to temporarily slow internet connection between your device and the Internet. Read longer texts as shorter parts in that case.

I have not received the verification email, what do I do?

Check the SPAM folder. If you still can’t find it, please contact

Is there a limit when it comes to number of characters/words that will be read?

Yes, there is a limit of 20 000 characters (around 4 000 words). If you have longer texts, it will stop the reading when it reaches this limit. To listen to longer texts, you need to split it into different text documents, or use the “read selected text” method to use smaller parts at a time.

Does TextAid work when I am not connected to the Internet?

No, TextAid requires an Internet connection to work.

How many image-to-text conversions can I do per month?

There is a limit of 25 image-to-text (OCR) conversions per month.

Is there a file size limit to the image-to-text conversion?

Yes, there is a limit (in size) of 10 MB per image.

Can my teacher see the texts that I save?

No one else but you can see the texts that you have saved in your Library. Your texts are stored securely and heavily encrypted.

Does TextAid work on my smartphone/iPad?

Yes, TextAid is designed to work on all kinds of devices. What is important for TextAid to work is that your device is connected to the Internet, and that the web browser you use support modern web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and playback of mp3 audio.

Can I have the entire document downloaded as one (1) sound file instead of one sound file per page?

No, that is unfortunately not possible. You can only save one audio file per page.

Can I have documents translated?

No, the translation only works with the text that you can edit in TextAid. It does not work with other uploaded documents.

Can I edit my uploaded document in TextAid?

No, it is not possible to edit documents that you have uploaded.

Why does the voice sometimes sound funny or read out some words incorrectly?

TextAid uses an automated system (text-to-speech synthesis) to convert the text into speech. Text-to-speech technology is not 100% accurate and therefore some words are wrongly pronounced.

Why is text in uploaded documents (like PDF files) sometimes read in a strange order?

If the PDF file has not been created according to the accessibility guidelines, the structure of the document might be different from the graphical layout. This can cause the reading to read differently since it is read following the actual structure and not the layout.

Got more questions ?

Email us at or check out our Help Center.