by ReadSpeaker

The ReadSpeaker team is dedicated to continually developing the best in literacy and educational technology for struggling readers and language learners, and is pleased to announce the release of some new cutting edge features for its leading ReadSpeaker TextAid literacy solution. New features include screen masking and a reading ruler for improved readability, a talking calculator and enhanced text saving capabilities.

There are also many other improvements in the current features, such as:
* Pre-loaded audio files to speed up reading when writing assistance and talking calculator are used
* Italian as an optional interface language
* A great new easy-to-use interface
* Responsive design making the user experience better with smaller screens
* Many improvements in the support for Android devices

Administrators as well will be pleased with full LTI integration support, making ReadSpeaker TextAid available to all students using the same LMS, and the ability for the ReadSpeaker TextAid Coordinator to turn on or off “Web look-up”, “Internet Search” and “Calculator” for groups of users.

The new features have already been added, so there is no need for users to take any action (for current users, if the web interface looks strange in any way, just reload the page).

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