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Teacher helping studentWhile there is a multitude of on-line support for those dealing with struggling readers, sometimes you just want to some hands-on, face-to-face time. There is no substitute for meeting up with other professionals and families that are dealing with similar issues. Whether in a specifically developed centre or over a coffee, sharing ideas and inspiration can be an important tool for finding what works for each individual reader with challenges, whether an ESL student or a learner suffering from dyslexia or other reading challenges. The following are some good places to find available off-line support:

Parent Centers

Parent centers are sponsored by the federal government and provide workshops and training, and give advice about dealing with learning disabilities at home. These centers have libraries, lists of specialists, the ability to try out assistive technology and more. The staff is trained to give you help, advice and point you in the right direction. While a bit confusing, since each state has its own title for the parent center, you can find the one closest to you here.

Alliance for Technology Access

The goal of the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is to increase technology use by those with learning disabilities. The ATA helps people with disabilities use technology in order to participate fully in their communities. They provide education, information and allow you to test different assistive technology, such as text to speech for struggling readers. You can find a list of ATA centers here.


Getting a person who has been specially trained to help both your family member, while training you as well, is invaluable. Tutors can help in many ways, assisting with social as well as academic issues. You will find a wealth of articles and information on how to find and work with a tutor on

Living with learning disabilities are a challenge, so take the time to develop a strong support network around you as you find what works for your family.


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