by ReadSpeaker
Photo of teacher and kidsReadSpeaker is pleased to support the Parent to Parent Center of Miami. ReadSpeaker is supporting the center in two ways, by making the text of their website more accessible by providing a ‘Listen’ button that allows users to listen to our website while following along with the highlighted text, and by providing an evaluator copy of ReadSpeaker TextAid that allows visitors to try listening to any online content. ReadSpeaker’s audio-based reading, writing and studying tool struggling readers, TextAid can now be used free of charge at the Parent to Parent technology center.

Parent to Parent of Miami is a community parent resource center for families of children and adults with all disabilities. With the help of Parent to Parent of Miami’s specialized team, parents and professionals can find information, workshops, and other resources to help make decisions about early intervention, early childhood, education, vocational training, employment, college opportunities, as well as the laws that protect the rights of children and adults with disabilities.

ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech tools provide bimodal presentation, or listening while reading along with the highlighted text, and improve comprehension, increase motivation, allow for autonomy and raise self-esteem for struggling readers of all types, whether dyslexics, language learners or the learning disabled. With ReadSpeaker TextAid, readers can listen to any text, including ebooks, pdfs, images and even text as they write it. For more information about read aloud technology and how it can help, access our text-to-speech library.

Contact ReadSpeaker or the Parent to Parent of Miami center at to learn more.