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Motivating reluctant readers, boosting self-esteem, improving learning results and increasing comprehension for struggling readers of all ages…ReadSpeaker TextAid is a prime example of how text-to-speech technology can improve the lives of those with reading challenges.

Recently individuals and educators alike have found the read-aloud technology of ReadSpeaker TextAid, a powerful tool to help with reading, writing and studying. Now, with the latest release of ReadSpeaker TextAid, there are even more ways to boost reading comprehension, independence and motivation.

TextAid Reading Support

ReadSpeaker TextAid allows readers to listen to an audio version of any content while following along with the highlighted text.

Whether in a learning context or in everyday life, struggling readers have a multitude of challenges, from simply understanding text to staying motivated and battling self-esteem issues. Students and educators have the added issue of remaining at grade-level.

This is where ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology can help. Read-aloud solutions are a proven aid in helping those with learning disabilities face these challenges, whether they are dyslexic, learning in a second language or simply have comprehension issues. ReadSpeaker TextAid uses read-aloud functionalities within the context of a complete reading and writing solution, helping those with reading challenges understand content, while assisting those with learning disabilities to become confident, autonomous readers.

Encouraged by the users’ reaction to ReadSpeaker TextAid, and listening to their input, ReadSpeaker has added features to make it even easier for individuals and schools alike to use this text-to-speech tool.

New ReadSpeaker TextAid features include:

  • The TextAid Web Reader. Read webpages with just a click of a button using the handy bookmarklet that sits in a user’s browser. Just a drag and drop installation gives the user the ability to read web content.
  • The ability to read and listen to ANY content. Since ReadSpeaker TextAid can read any scanned document or image, readers can read and listen to anything, from handwritten notes to pages of a paperback book.
  • Download text as audio files for listening anywhere and at any time.
  • A whole new user-friendly interface, based on extensive feedback from our user base, to make ReadSpeaker TextAid even more accessible.

Easy to use, ReadSpeaker TextAid is a personal, 100% web-based tool. That means no downloads, and the ability to use the software anytime, anywhere and on any device. This gives readers a previously unknown independence.

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