by ReadSpeaker

Always focusing on the user experience, the ReadSpeaker team recently asked our customers what features they would like added to ReadSpeaker TextAid, the online reading, writing and studying tool. And we listened.Text to speech technology

Here are the first new features in a line of upcoming improvements and features coming soon to ReadSpeaker TextAid.

– Mp3 downloads: download content to be listened to as an .mp3 file. This way users can listen whenever, and wherever, they want, even without an Internet connection. The save as mp3 tool can be found on the toolbar.

– For institution users, coordinators can now turn the translation tool on and off for groups of users.

– We’ve updated some of the voices.

ReadSpeaker TextAid users won’t need to do anything other than refresh their browser to use these new features.

Stay tuned for even more improvements to ReadSpeaker TextAid!

Listen to an audio version of any written content while following along with the highlighted text.

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