by ReadSpeaker
Whether you have comprehension or reading difficulties, or just prefer to have content read out loud to you as you multi-task, text to speech is an evolving technology that is worth discovering. Unlike earlier digital voices that had a robotic sound, the voices of ReadSpeaker TextAid are high quality and natural sounding, which makes listening a pleasure. Now, with ReadSpeaker TextAid’s latest feature, One-click Web Reading, you can also have web content read out loud to you. You can listen to your favorite news site as you cook dinner, have an official document read out to you, or listen while you do online research.

It’s simple to use. Just drag and drop the ‘TextAid Web Reader’ into your browser’s Booklet Bar. Then, any time you would like web content read out to you, just click the button and listen! Nothing could be easier.

Have a look at our short video to hear one of our voices and see just how easy it is to start listening to the web!

Listen to an audio version of any written content while following along with the highlighted text.

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